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Thread: RB Options

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    RB Options !!!

    I was wondering if anyone has tried RB Options. They are in Canada,
    soon to be regulated through Canada and Australia ( not sure of the regulatory board name ). They do accept US and will after regulation. I hear they have fast withdrawals. Want to keep US options open, so let me know if anyone has heard of them or would like to write a review!

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    rboptions.com scam
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    They have threatened to jeopardize my safety with threats of releasing my confidential information and sue me over posting reviews.
    Evidence: http://i44.tinypic.com/2m4prly.png
    I do not feel safe up to this day that I have given them my full name, home address, utility bills, scan of ID both sides, and phone number. Not one day passes by where I do not think of RBOptions and their threats, its terrorizes me.

    Please I beg you do not trust rbptions.com. Their website is here: http://rboptions.com

    It is a scam, they are selling securities illegally. You can not trust them, because if they will sell illegally, what else do you think this scam company rboptions is capable of? Probably more, as you can see with the threat they sent me.

    I am in disbelief, because they are willing to jeopardize the safety of my family as well, especially the little ones.
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    If they threaten you, I would suggest to take legal steps yourself and find a place to stay during that process.

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    Martin Kay
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    Quote Originally Posted by DisciplinedTrader View Post
    Hi there,
    This is to bring to your notice, that I have trade with RBoptions and they blow out my account many times with their false signal service. First, they will give you some good signals, and later on when you put your trust on them, then they will start to blow out your account with false signal. DO NOT PUT TRUST ON THIS BROKER. They have implement their client signal service to take game in their hand. So they can blow out your account anytime, if you put trust on them. Their brokers are extremly smart and then can change your mind. SO PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM RBOPTIONS. They are not registered broker. I lost 20k because of their false signal. Also, ones I try to withdraw money, but they blow out my account next day with false signal. I am here to warn you all.

    I was raise when concern when it comes to accepting the Broker's signals or managed accounts, for that reason exactly. You should never blindly follow your brokers signals. Do you have any screenshots?

    Nevertheless, I couldn't agree with your complaints. What if a close friend told you to trade 20k's on a specific asset, and you lost??? Is he a scam? a fraud? What if your banker caused you some losses? Is he a fraud?? You claim to be a "Disciplined Trader", yet you don't show it.

    Im Truly sorry for your loss mate, hopefully you'll get some kind of return from this broker/brand.

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