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    apple stock is going down , and more down. !!!

    Apple just lanched a very bad product, the stock is about to drop big time!
    It looks like its going down , but i have a feeling its a mistake.
    apple stock is going down , and more down.
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    The apple trade has more room to go, but.. it is still unclear will it end in the money. I think most probably it will be up Monday morning and will end out of the money based on the current undervalued (oversold) conditions.

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    the apple sell off may have been a knee jerk reaction to less than expected tnews. dont forget the Icahn/soros connection which will be providing support for this stock at levels near where it is now.

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    Hmm seems the Carl Icahn factor didnt last for much longer....i was thinking of it breaking the $550 mark come 2014.

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