The Swiss franc strengthened against the US dollar as demand as for the US currency remains under pressure after weaker than expected data on jobs in America published on Friday. USDCHF trades recorded during the previous bottom at 0.93630 and subsequently consolidated at 0.93690.The pair was likely to find support at 0.93130, the low of 2 September and resistance at 0.9457, the high of 6 September.
Swiss was stable against the euro.EURCHF consolidated at 1.2360. The euro was supported by growing investor confidence in the euro zone in September to 6.5 index points to minus 4.9 in the last month. Analysts had predicted a growth of minus 2.8 points. In relation to the pound,the yen and the Australian dollar,the franc was mixed. GBPCHF rose to 1.4685.CHFJPY jumped to 106.12 and AUDCHF rose to 0.86230.