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    US Stock market will crash next week! Can it? !!!

    US Stock market is highly volatile this afternoon, but without clear direction. I bet on bearish sentiment next week and clear trade with a weekly duration.

    US Stock market will crash next week! Can it?
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    it could I guess, what do you think the catalyst will be?

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    The tension in the Middle East? Why not? It could boost up the price of oil and gold, but also it could affect negatively the stock market, because rising oil prices is connected directly with decline in the economic growth and industrial activity.

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    We saw that during this month there was no crash; even there are no expectations to see crash in the coming week. So probably the bearish expectations are too weak for now and also there is no additional tension to make the market vulnerable to such tensions. I expect relatively calm market next week and possibly some surprises during October.

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