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    Is Deutche Bank binary option is a buy this August? !!!

    At the beginning of the month, Deutsche Bank stock traded for $41 per share and it took it one week to gain a single dollar but the next seven days were more profitable. The company closed the week just a couple of cents below the $44 and is expected to hit the highest level in more than a month. Without setting high expectations for themselves and the company, binary options traders should buy call options for a value of $45 per share that expire in early August.

    Is Deutche Bank binary option is a buy this August?
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    Deutsche Bank Stock is traded at very under valuated ratios now, much lower than 82$ per share maximum at 2009 year. Weekly or daily calls could be little doubtful because of the too short period of time to develop the trading idea, but monthly calls are highly probable trades. I will make a bet too very soon!

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