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    Trading Binary Options Alongside MT4 Analysis !!!

    I have a question that I am wanting to ask. When trading Binary Options on brokerages web-based software, alongside MT4 analysis, am I the only one who notices that the price is not exact as it appears on the MT4 platform. I have noticed that on all the brokers like 24Option, TradeRush, OptionFair, AnyOption, you name it, that the prices don't match up to MT4 exactly. I see this as a problem for my entrys and am wondering if any of you have managed to get MT4 pricing displays to match Binary Options web-based prices. Much thanks as I would really like to know what other peoples experiences with this is.

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    Meta trader 4 is quiet easy than meta trader 5. So I will suggest or recommend to all of my friends and family members that use meta trader 4 but if you still want to use meta trader 5 then you can. For this you have to work a little on trading software.

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    Hi TradeMaster,

    This is really important topic and has significant meaning especially when you are trading short term options (below one hour expiry). I am aware that the best binary options brokers, which are among the BOTS recommended ones for sure won’t have any significant alterations from the real market price. The difference by 1-2 pips from time to time is normal and is also visible between different forex brokers so this is not something to worry that much unless you are scalping with 60 seconds. Only if you have constant difference of more than 2 pips you have to ask your broker why that difference appears and if they don’t give you proper answer to switch to different broker. We had a question before about different candle closing times but that is not an issue because there are always some server dependent differences in starting and closing candlesticks and this doesn’t affect the actual price on which you are trading, only the last bar drawing.

    We have already many threads discussing similar topics of Metatrader usage in binary options trading and there are some helpful tips in these threads. That’s why I am posting here links to these topics:

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    Best regards,
    CommuniTraders Team

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    Kolyo presented very well the current situation with the brokers price feeds in brief. I think that this is not a big issue for the current leaders in the binary options industry. It is a problem when you trade with most of the bad reputation brokers, because they manipulate their price feed for their advantage against their clients and that is not good for you, but easily can be avoided if you do not trade with such brokers

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    MetaTrader is my preferred platform for technical analysis, there are not many other choices available that can allow for advanced strategies or the use of EAs. I have spent a good amount of time trading harmonic patterns and that involved some pretty in depth Fibonacci calculations that are difficult to do manually and MetaTrader is one of the few programs that makes this easy to do.

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