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    Did gold Binary options prices hit rock bottom? not yet! !!!

    Less than a year ago, gold prices were revolving around the value of $1800/oz and now they are barely staying above the $1300 threshold. We as Binary options traders who are seeking immediate gratification can ride this trend and bet on gold to sink below this value by the end of the month. News that quantitative easing might be reignited after the US economy posted subpar figures, will only aggravate the problems plaguing the precious metal. By the end of the year, we shouldn't be surprised if the prices will be half what they were one year ago, so it is unlikely for gold prices to have hit rock bottom.

    Did gold Binary options prices hit rock bottom?  not yet!
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    I actually found it very interesting,the historical context.It seems to me that gold has rocketed due to the last bear market which was a global crisis with the potential to be worse than 1929.Hardly a revelation but when you look at the historical price,it really emphasizes how people forget history,why they can't see a bubble right in front of them.
    1864- the price took a big hike,i guess that is connected to the US war of independence?
    When I slagged off Gordon Brown for selling gold cheap.He sold btw 1999-2002,looks like his biggest "crime" was being unable to predict a bubble 6 years before it happened.History can be cruel.
    So,for decades the price of Gold hardly moved-normal,bubbles not normal.
    Everything to the left (history) is free information-works on all fractals/timeframes.....

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    Gold price was a big bubble. It was visible even at before 2008, than the bubble continue to expand more and more. In 2010 Soros make a statement that Gold is the ultimate bubble. During this period he still kept his gold holdings, but at the end of 2011 he sells everything, while the other big players like John Paulson didn’t sell and now have more than 80% loss on their leveraged gold holdings. I think history continues to copy the past into the future and most of the people forget the lessons from the past!

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