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    gbpusd call option in one hour !!!

    gbpusd call options in one hour
    gbpusd call option in one hour
      Will Expire in
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       Cur/Exp Price
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    In it's latest Financial Stability Bank of England has warned of the risk of a sharp rise in interest rates and re-emphasized that the situation in euro zone remains largely negative impact on the British economy.I decided to trade gbpusd call option in relate to expect news from crude oil inventories.My attention was to see how the market will react on this news.Will the report from crude oil inventories influence positive or negative on dollar?This trading depends from the news.

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    In the last trading day GU falls more. But in daily cart we expect more fall in coming week. So many news is also there. Actually this week the trend will set by fundamental. In technical we expect bellow 1.51xx where last day it cross 1.52xx and close above 1.52xx. This Monday we will get a suggestion where GBP/USD can be moved. But binary trading i suggest to sell mood then buy. Though come correction can come but its risky to take buy position.

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