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    Yen Move Orchestrated, Shinzo Abe Conducting !!!

    Yen Move Orchestrated, Shinzo Abe Conducting
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    I am still bullish on the USD/JPY longer term but for now there is a strong chance the pair will retreat down to test support. I am trading puts on the USD/JPY with one week expiry and a target entry above 101.75. For more on this trade and others I make check out my tips "Tips From The Geek". 

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    USD/JPY is trading higher and there are no signs of correction. We will see corrective move of course but it is not known where it will start from. It could start from 103 or even from 105 level. I won’t trade calls as it is too dangerous now, but will wait also for puts as it is premature for me to enter at these price levels.

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    Im not very sure, but there are strong chances the USD/JPY pair will drop below the entry price. Anyway, i keep away from it at the moment and i just use it for some correlation trades.

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    I watched an interview with Japanese investment specialist, who said that the Yen will devaluate to 115 or even 120 if there is no intervention from BOJ to stop this happen. The prices of the Japanese bonds are climbing higher and this will affect also the Yen crosses. I think the effect of this massive more than 20% devaluation already will be bad for the Japan economy – the consumer prices and commodity prices will skyrocket and all the average people will feel the decreasing purchasing power of their money as their salaries will not rise with the same speed as the inflation will develop.

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