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Thread: Put on gold

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    Put on gold !!!

    Put on gold
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    The price of gold in April entered a downward trend as investor started to invest in more in riskier instrument fueled expectation that the global economy will  begit to recovery and the monetary incetives accordingly be reduced.

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    After 12 years of consecutive growth since from the beginning of this year the price of gold has fallen 13% despite the fact that the central banks around the world including the U.S.Federal Reserve increased the money printing to stimulate economic recovery.

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    The gold price is going down now, but your entry point was too premature and also your expiration period too short. I am not a gold bear but this time the short idea was good one.

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    Positive economic data released in Germany encouraged the tendency to invest in riskier instruments such as European and U.S. stock and reduce the demand for gold as a safer investment.The price of gold yesterday started to increased again.Investors are once again starting to invest in gold after the re-start to emerge indicators of increased physical demand for the precious metal.

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