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    Gold Will Be Put Back In Its Place !!!

    Gold Will Be Put Back In Its Place
      Will Expire in
      Entry Price
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    Gold will retest recent lows and possible even move higher. I am selling the rallies on gold at this time. 

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    Specialist Member marvel's Avatar
    Great idea Michael! I am absolutely on the same opinion on gold now and have almost the same position as yours. The only difference is that my expiration is monthly and yours is weekly.

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    Specialist Member LesterK's Avatar
    I am bullish on gold but we will see. One month expiration is too long period of time but one week is not so far away. If we see your trade in the money I will say your insight is perfect, Michael.

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    gold is taking its retracement from the heavy fall we saw last month....... and it might re-attempt to break its fresh lows that it created last week.... once it breaks that low, it may head further down to 1296 and 1260.... from which heavy buying could be seen..... im bearish on gold as long as it stays below 1500 level and does not sustain above 1500...

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    strong resistance levels of gold : 1450 1455 and 1465.... above which buyers may enter the market..... if the metal moves below 1432 level then good selling may be seen... its moving more based on its technicals rather than fundamentals....

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    Veteran Member Ammeo's Avatar
    Most of the Investment Banks are Bearish on Gold at the moment..

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    I think gold is done for a while (bullishly i mean) I definately see a strong possibility of hitting the recent lows and even making a new low, my downside target right now for longer term is around 1250.

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