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    SP500 is trading higher after the good NFP data last Friday, when the index broke the 1600 level. The upward trend is intact and with good momentum.

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    critical trend line it is... the indices of US market are on record high levels... as for the past 4 years, the month of May was dominated by Bears... so lets wait for this trend line to break, and we could ride bears then

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    Really you are right uj. In the past 4 years we have mostly bear conditions in May. Especially 2010 with the flash crash on the 6th of May, but now the market looks very calm and with lower volatility than it was the previous years. Probably the expected bearish reaction will be in June - what do you think?

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    I think if everyone is waiting for a sell in May mentality to take over it may not happen....

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    still bulls are in control.... wow.... let's wait for today's speech by Ben Bernanke.... a hint over reducing QE may come from his side... all eyes on that speech...

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    good speech, nothing new, markets are holding. Monday could be a big day, if the retail investor steps into bullish trades the S&P could keep going up. Crazy...

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    These are signals of market recovery in the U.S. and the S & P500 rose 0.07%.

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    things are looking up for the U.S. economy, however their is still considerable downside risk. The market is waayyyy extended right now and the whole thing (economy market etc..) is being propped up by loose financial policy.

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    over sold is the word..... soon, bears may control the market.... there is absolutely no doubt that the U.S economy is showing positive signs and data results, but a good correction in the market is due....

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