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    Follow the PROS: Tip From Geek 5/6/2013 DAX !!!

     Follow the PROS: Tip From Geek 5/6/2013 DAX
      Will Expire in
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    DAX is trading with strongly bullish momentum after it broke the psychological 8000 level last Friday.

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    DAX is really very bullish now and very strong trading above 8000, which looks like a good support now. There are many questions for its future presenting but it looks like a good idea!

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    Good entry point! The option is already in the money.

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    This trade looks better than SP500 on its first day. I will follow it on my account, because I have the same opinion as Michael on the direction of the German stock market. It could even outperform the US market especially if the Euro is performing well this week.

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    Yes, teh S&P held its ground today. Lets see how it does going into tomorrow and wednesday and then maybe it will be time to adjust this weeks target entry.

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