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    EUR/USD Call reversing now !!!

    EUR/USD Call reversing now
      Will Expire in
      Entry Price
       Cur/Exp Price
      Trade's LIVE   status
    Reverse trade will capture the retracement of the downside move.

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    those who bought the pair on Friday or today on Monday, may have made a mistake, coz the pair has been closing in the bearish zone for the past week.... even today Draghi stated that ECB could act more if bad data keeps coming.... bears are still in control for the pair... im bearish on the pair as long as it does not make a sustainable move above 1.3144 and closes above it....

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    Yes, uj. You are right, the EUR/USD is more bearish than bullish now. This was a very short term almost scalp trade, which unfortunately end out of the money for just 3 pips..

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    wow.... euro crashed last night in the U.S session.... testing 1.3010 area.... buyers may enter now as they see this is the good price to buy the pair.... currently the pair is at 1.3047...

    break above 1.3065 could lead it to 1.3095 1.3119 1.3143

    downward side, breaking of 1.3010 could show 1.2991 1.2960

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