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    EUR/USD daily PUT durring the ECB press conference !!!

    EUR/USD daily PUT durring the ECB press conference
      Will Expire in
      Entry Price
       Cur/Exp Price
      Trade's LIVE   status
    I think there will be repositoning of the players in the market which will lead to lower levels after the rate decission.

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    excellent selling opportunity was there today in the EURO session where the pair was travelling above its pivot point.... still selling is good.... as long as it remains below 1.3440 .... on the downward side, breaking of 1.3050 could lead the pair to fall 1=to 1.3033 1.3018 1.3000 1.2981 and 1.2955

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    The pair remained in a short range of around 50 points on Monday where it couldn’t find a clear direction; neither did it manage to break its Friday’s low of 1.240. Currently the pair is hovering over the level of 1.3002 where a break below 1.2995 could lead it to test its daily pivot point at 1.2978 and later on 1.2957. However, if the pair manages to break its resistance at 1.3030, then it could target its next levels of 1.3050 and 1.3066 where heavy selling could be seen again.

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