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    USD/JPY 24 hours Call Option !!!

    USD/JPY Call Trade
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      Entry Price
       Cur/Exp Price
      Trade's LIVE   status

    USD/JPY trend looks still intact and I am betting for short term continuation of the price movement higher in the next 24 hours.

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    The pair is hovering above its daily pivot point right now... its initial bias is bullish for today....

    if it breaks its pivot point at 98.18, then it may go down to test its support 98.01 which is also its psychological support, breaking of which could lead to 97.85 and 97.5... However, on the upward side, if it breaks resistance at 98.72, it may head up more to test 98.89 and 99.06 which is its strong resistance...

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    usd/jpy made yet another attempt to break 100.00 mark, but failed to do so as it bounced back from 99.86 level.... currently it is moving at 98.75 mark, and wud remain bullish as long as it sustains ABOVE the critical level of 98.54.... if it breaks that level, then it may go and test its support of 98.47, and 98.20, where the price may bounce back up.... if it breaks its 99.05 resistance level, then it may go ahead and test its daily pivot point of 99.31, breaking of which could lead it to 99.47 and 99.63...

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    Yen pairs have fallen just now for around 70 to 80 points within minutes, just due to the monetayr policy meeting by BoJ.... USD JPY broke its strong support of 98.466, but could not sustain below it and is now at 98.50... if it sustains below then it may head further down today.... on the upward side, its supports have become resistance, so there are many hurdles on its way up... if it closes below 99.23 today, then it wud be bearish for a few next days.....

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