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    There is so much contraversy around this strategy, my opinion is that the strategy can work, but not in its purest form.

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    A martingale system can only work with a huge account balance and a solid win rate!

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    consecutive martingale trades cannot work at all,martingale should be for 1-2 steps only

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    I've never been used this strategy.

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    There is no controversy, the martingale strategy is not working in the long run. If you go for one big win and than go away than PROBABLY it can help. I say probably because it is also possible you can hit a big loser if it didn't worked first time. Mathematically it is proven that limited martingale helps only if you have 100% sure strategy with some good win rate, but you all know market is always changing and every strategy is prone to losing periods, where martingale will amplify the losers as well and will deteriorate profit further. The safest and most profitable way of trading is to not rely on martingale or anti-martingale (decreasing size of risk after lose). I am not saying there is no room for advanced strategies with variable risk size. I am using such strategies very often but you need to be careful what you are doing If you don't understand well the math behind the Kelly criterion, Sharpe ratio and other metrics better to stick with simple money management risking every time one and the same amount of money. Than the only thing you have to tweak and improve will be your win rate and nothing else, more safe and more rewarding. I think maybe 70% of all profitable traders trade this way.
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