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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar
    Opteck is not working with US clients anymore. I'm not sure whether it's correct (that if you had an account with them before you can still trade), yet it is possible.

    Never tried their signal pack, yet I wouldn't relay on my broker to get me the right signals... Personally, I like to follow signals (followed stockpair a couple of times), but I tend to trade them only if I had the same idea for this possible trade in mind before I even saw the signal.

    Cant say I suggest anyone to follow signals solely, yet signals might give you insights from time to time.

    did anyone else tried these brokers signals?

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    Solid Member Zanadu's Avatar
    Yes I tried entirely with their signals.

    I dont thing its a good idea to place all your trades.
    depending on their signals. I lost lot because of those signals

    My rating with their signals is 50/50


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    The trading signal guide is aimed at improving your trading success potential by presenting you with market analysis made by our financial experts.

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    Solid Member Zanadu's Avatar
    Hi Imran,

    Thanks for your post.
    Are you from Opteck ? Because you our financial experts

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    I have been trying to withdraw less that $2000 from Opteck for the one month now and they do not reply at all.

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    Solid Member Zanadu's Avatar
    Hello Ayoub,

    I am planning to work with Opteck and your comments made me little scary.
    Who was your Account Manager ?

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    I have experience with them and there was no problem with withdrawals till now. I had at least 4 withdrawals and no one was refused. If Ayoub don’t reply again and tell us more about his case I won’t trust his comment.

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    Junior Member nick_ross's Avatar
    Opteck is a good choice. I have been trading with them for almost a year and were satisfied from them. Now I am trading mostly with 24Option and StockPair, but when I am comparing the service of the both of them it is as good as the Opteck customer service. So I could recommend them as good broker.

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    hello zanadu !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Zanadu View Post
    Hello Ayoub,

    I am planning to work with Opteck and your comments made me little scary.
    Who was your Account Manager ?
    did u trade with opteck yet?hw is it going..?

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    Hi Guys

    I have found a lot more bad reviews on Opteck than good. This is my only trusted forum that actually doesn't have a bad review about their withdrawal process or lack of withdrawal process, pushy telemarketers(senior brokers) and horror stories of people with large profits being locked out of their account for no reason and not being able to get their money out. They have a great platform, very user friendly and quick that also has a good feel to it but I'm concerned it is just a shiny front with doom and gloom behind the curtains.

    Pity as they have all the right elements I like to trade with. Is there anyone who has traded with them for longer than 6 months who can consistently withdrawal their profits? I would love to be proved wrong about this broker but I'm not holding my breath.

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