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Thread: hello everyone!

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    hello everyone! !!!

    hello, I am just new in this kind of business.I would like to know what is the best and paying on time binary option to join in?

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    Hi ginobatiti,

    Welcome to the Binaryoptionthatsuck Forum!

    If you want to find out which are the best binary options brokers, just check the brokers section of the BOTS site and read the reviews, all the information there is a result of extensive research and is double checked. Also check Binary Options Brokers General Discussion and ask for opinion on the brokers you are interested in. There are a lot of traders in our forum which will guide you and help you to start your trading career.

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    Hello ginobatiti,

    You probably are from Italy if I looked your nickname? Welcome to BOTS!
    Kolyo gives you good advices to start. Also you have to read the articles in the school section, if you are new to trading. Don’t start to trade before learning the basics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ginobatiti View Post
    hello, I am just new in this kind of business.I would like to know what is the best and paying on time binary option to join in?
    Hello Ginobatiti. Welcome to binary options world. There r some rules for novice while entering into this world. If u follow it, u will lower risk of loosing money. If u do not follow it, ur investment will be gone in no time.
    Dun get surprised by this warning coz such statements r almost found on every trading website, forum, blog, broker and etc. I repeated it because I can sense haste in ur words. There is no "best and paying on time" type thing in trading world unless u know what it means to be successful. In binaries u can get even 500% return on a single trade. Do u consider it "best"? If it is withdrawable within 1 day then u will consider it "on time". But what is the use of these offers if u dun win anything.
    So for a person new in this kind of business, it is my advice to take trading seriously. It is one of riskiest business where u can loose all investment in less than 1 day.

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    Did you select your binary broker, ginobatiti? I personally trade with StockPair and I am quitе content of it. I could trade there not only binaries but also pair options.

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