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    As a rule, the probability of loss is inversely proportional with the trading timeframe. To clarify, the primary criterion that makes difference between trading and gambling is that betting is based on intuition and your emotional background in the heat of the moment, while trading implies fundamental and technical analysis, evaluation of charts and graphics and relating your decision to previous experience. An important aspect is that even at fast pace, news and market information cannot be delivered and updated in 60 seconds. Subsequently, as the decisions made are based entirely on intuition it is sheer gambling.
    Furthermore, at the last consultation meeting on 13 February 2017, The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) also debated extremely short-term trading. In the fourth point from their forthwith declaration is is stated that “in order to remove shorter-term volatility and protect against `binary bets`, contracts must have a minimum tenor of 5 minutes.“ Despite the fact that the decision was not implemented yet and under 5 minute timeframe trading is still practiced, it serves as an official proof that this kind of bets, especially 60 seconds transactions, do not qualify as legit trading due to the lack of minimum information required.
    It is statistically proven that the closer the expiration date the less likely you are to appreciate the tendency of that particular stock objectively. Position trading always has the best yield, especially as you gain more experience and advance in market research. Nonetheless, if a trader is irrevocably determined to earn “instant“ profit and trade short timeframes the most optimal alternative is hourly trading. Despite the fact that it is still at the top of risk spectrum, you have at least enough time to find out about newflash events that will undoubtedly influence the market. It is extremely strenuous and stressful but does qualify as trading if done consciously.
    To conclude, the yield of 60 seconds Binary Options is laughably miserable and cannot be even called trading because the decisions are based on sheer intuition. Hopefully this practice will soon cease to exist.

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    That's right BinaryScamSniffer
    but they still think Randy has the Holy Grail of trading.
    It will be fun to see what all these "make millions in 2 seconds-people" are gonna do when CySEC bans sub 5min trading.
    Maybe "Make shit-tonna money in only 301 seconds" :P.
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    I personally think trading on 60 seconds looks more like russian roulette than like standard trading.

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    I guess it is more of a gambling

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