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    Rookie Member EddieGrant's Avatar
    Cool got it cheers man. I'll probably ask about entries again at some point, I need to build a bit of confidence in that area.

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    Rookie Member EddieGrant's Avatar
    I only had time for one trade yesterday.

    24th July Trades

    Trade -1 USD/CAD

    3 Min Put ITM


    The overall trend was bearish

    Price had been bouncing off resistance and came close to a touch
    Stoch had touched the 80% over bought and looked to be heading back down
    3 mins as the previous drop had been 5 mins and i was 1.5 candles in

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Normally I’ve been working on breakouts but Waqad was talking about this in the group and I fancied living by the seat of my pants, so I gave it a test.

    I think I got lucky because price broke up towards a stronger resistance straight after, but this is something I'd like to practice and get better at.
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    Solid Member arrais's Avatar
    Hey Eddie, nice trade on bouncing at resistance. There was also an opportunity to take a call when it broke this resistance.

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    Hey Eddie nice work on selecting some nice S/R levels. it looks you were trading in a pull back. very good trade nonetheless

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    Rookie Member EddieGrant's Avatar
    Cheers guys, I'll keep practicing! And I'm back today so looking forward to making some trades!

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    Yeah man these are decent trades, looks like you are really putting what you are learning to use and that is what it is all about. Real world experience.

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    Solid Member arrais's Avatar
    Eddie, congratulations on wining on Trader of the Month Contest! You deserved it

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    Legendry Member Okane's Avatar
    Hey hey good job Eddie!
    Really nice to see
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    hey I hope you are still trading, we liked your diary so much we made you Trader of the Month!


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