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    Introducing myself !!!

    Hi friends,
    today I registered here with my username "Reader". Three years ago I caught interest in BO for the first time. But professional and private situations prevented me to jump into this adventure prematurely. I would have followed scam offers and really lost money. However, I did follow one internet advertisement last year, registered with a sucking broker and landed with a most unnerving account manager. In the process, I did loose a little money. The aggressive behavior of the account manager was a shock to me, and since I happened to have too little time, I stayed away from BOfor the rest of 2016. But this year I found out that my interest in BO never left me and I started to search the internet systematically. That way I found just a couple of weeks ago. I started with the School immediately (the first version), and now I am almost done with the Primary School. So far I am so grateful for what you have created here and for all that I have been learning through your dedicated work and your availability to share your insight. So today I registered as a member in this forum.
    I live in the Hannover area in the north of Germany presently working as a social worker and teacher in public schools. If there are members of this forum living in the larger geographic area, I like to meet them. And, of course, I am interested to meet many fellow-students and traders here on this platform from anywhere.
    Sincerely, Reader

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    Hello Reader!
    Welcome to Communitrader!

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    Hey hey welcome!
    Don't forget to check out the members war room too. Many other beginners that are gaining new skills which
    you can learn from.
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    Welcome to the community Reader...

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    Welcome to the group.

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    Hey, welcome to CommuniTraders! I am sure you'll have great time here and most of all you will find many traders to help you build your strategies and confidence
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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