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    Trading EURUSD Turbo Options !!!

    Well, since things are going decent as of now, I figured I'd start this up.

    I started knowing nothing 1 year ago in January of 2016 hoping to strike up the mother load. Being told it was super easy and such.

    Today, I know thats a load of horse poopy.

    I reckon that I would share my ideas, and what it is exactly I am doing. I wont say follow me, because honestly I have a long time to go before I am a advocate for trading advice, this is just for me.

    I wasn't into technical, global news or any of that. I was just watching for direction and odd spikes, which worked for a day.

    Today, I can read the MACD, EMA and RSI. Which I am told are the most popular indicators and easist to get started with.

    I jump on bids a lot. Ranging my ammount, freaking out and getting to excited. Which is not good.

    I am learning and will probably go bust in a week or two and go back to doing a 9-5, but if so, I'll get back in the game at some point. More than likely with Nadex or something I hear good things and bad things about them, but I guess thats better than hearing just good things.

    As of right now, I am above my initial deposit and have a goal of doubling and pulling back out of where I am doing my bidding now. At first they were a good broker, but as of lately, they have ruffled my feathers, and I don't like them so much. The way it looks, I'm probably going to get a run around as to why I can't withdraw money, and if thats the case, oh well. Still young and have time to replace lost monies to a dumb company.

    I came here a few weeks ago, and got into it with Okane, and I would like to apologize to him for everything I may have said. I have been watching his vids and reading his posts. We got off on the wrong foot, and I hope we can start again.

    To those who may still think I am a promoter, believe me, I'm not, I wish I was making that kind of money.

    Its 4:25pm, the markets are going to start dying for a few hours and thats where I make my trades. Until 8:00pm my time, they will start picking up momentum again, or so that I have noticed in the last couple of days, so while its slow and more predictable, I'm going to have at it.

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    Never fight with the teacher ! They always win :-D

    I like this post, it feels genuine and i'm curious to how you wil fare the coming weeks. Hope to see some good stuff happening :-)
    “The game of speculation is the most uniformly fascinating game in the world. But it is not a game for the stupid, the mentally lazy, the man of inferior emotional balance, or for the get-rich-quick adventurer. They will die poor.”

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    Today went great, I watched a few vids on the Communitraders Youtube channel and learned the difference between convergence and divergence. Or so I believe I did, it worked for me anyways.

    I kept my bids small, starting from 1 dollar and giving myself a quarter for a win, and resetting after a loss (Only 2) I noticed this was actually putting me back pretty close to where I was starting out, so that stopped.

    I learned how to create channels on trends, which really helped a lot. Also learned that the Charting Tool I use does not offer the TDI indicator, so if there is another version I could use that provides the same thing, I would like to know.
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    Hey - no hard feelings.

    Welcome to the diary room. This is my favorite place because I started here too a few years ago when it was just a handful of diaries
    and we started sharing and learning from each other which helped me a lot. Today you will find many of my personal students here as well
    and now they are learning from each other as well and even I learn from them!

    To be honest, the market this week has been a bit difficult as the volatility has dropped somewhat but there are still patterns to identify.
    Price action is a lot about finding patterns and it's not until we put everything together that we can say we are using price action.
    Because a lot of people say "I can draw support and resistance lines - so I know price action but it's not working".

    Regarding indicators, any indicator can be of great use if the trader knows that indicator well and any indicator can suck big time
    if you don't know how to use it. My recommendation is to only focus on ONE indicator for some time and this way you will force yourself
    to read the charts. It's difficult and will take time but give it a try and look at other people's trading diaries here you will learn a whole lot.

    Glad you enjoyed the videos, the price action playlist could be helpful to you although some
    videos might be more advanced and need some re-watching - but hey, who said trading was easy.

    Some good trading diaries to read:







    There are more good diaries, but I think I gave you a bunch of homework already so take it easy, take it step by step.

    PS: I restored your "The24thPanzer" account on the other place.
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    Welcome to war room. Open your trading diary and share your trades here. You'll be helped by the bots team like me and Okane in skype group.

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    I have decided that I will focus more on the Technical Analasis* of the markets over everything else. I don't understand the news, or the fancy words that they are using, however I understand lines and movements. Is it a good idea to be trading when the stock charts are offline?

    I don't know what happened, but I guess the place I have been using updated their platform. I can now use the chart on futures... I don't think it has enough info on it still to make any informed decisions. Not even a 1 Day mark yet.

    I have come to the conclusion that it is not a good idea to be trading on the weekends.

    Now am terrified that the place I use is about to stop allowing US traders based on the updates they have made. They have tried copying IQOption and 24Options' platform.

    Neither of those platforms allow US based traders, and the place I do use right now had a lapse in US traders for a while in the past.

    Again, I thought that they would give me the run around as to why I couldn't withdraw, and I am now more than certain that is going to happen. Oh well, I can't get to stressed about it, not like its 10 grand. Ha, not even close to 1k. Am relatively close to my self decided mark on pulling out tho, so maybe I'll get lucky and get done before the end of this week.


    How can I upload pictures and such, and what is the best application to use to do so?
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    Yes there is a good post we put together regarding how to start a good trading journal and it covers everything you need:

    It's ok, you can discuss your broker all you want, in fact we have a thread about it here (if I remember correctly it's Finpari/Finrally)
    Here is the Finpari thread "New criminals in binary options", you can also see what others are saying (not so much good)

    You mentioned stocks, are you trading stocks or are you confusing stocks with Forex (currencies)?

    If you mean Forex, the Forex market is "only" open 24/5 which means it's closed and there is no market on weekends so if you broker
    is showing you charts it's either past weeks chart for demo trading purposes or if they allow you trade live then it's normally computer generated (fake market)
    and I would never ever touch such a market!
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    Junior Member DivisonOfLabor's Avatar
    So, I have been refining my ability to not get pissed at a loss.

    It has so far made losing a little more calming and winning bids a lot more exciting. I left my account logged in and oops, a brother took my account down to less than 10 bucks.
    I am not happy, who would be, but I have managed to bring it back up a considerable amount.

    To be honest, in a weird way it kind of helped me. Forcing me to have to wait for strong momentums, and I had to watch a few more vids over and over. I think I am starting to understand how this works. Well a lot more than I did a few weeks ago.

    I have brought the account back over 100. with a few losses.

    I was so close. I think I made friends with one of their support techs, we been playing games over the net and stuff. Gamers Unite and such.

    I hope the trend (not a pun) continues, and maybe this stuff is really kicking in.

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    Junior Member DivisonOfLabor's Avatar
    Interesting, I sent in for a withdraw of 50 dollars last Thursday and it cleared today. Lets see what happens when I withdraw again at a much larger sum.

    Anyways that aside, today has been a good day for me. I got out of the fear of betting more than 1 - 5 dollars, and am bidding 2x as much.
    However, I am keeping it at a certain range for a day, and resetting amounts based upon my balance. This is working out way better than I thought it would, no more ranging values out of fear, or to chase a loss.

    I don't think I am quite ready to be posting pictures on what I am doing quite yet, but I am much more confident about myself and this business, thanks to you guys and your much helpful videos.
    Also, have decided that I am going to go back to work, just so I can do this at a much more comfortable pace.

    Maybe in a month or so I'll start posting what is working for me. I'll leave a text here about what it is I am doing, and you guys go ahead and hit me with a ball ping hammer if you have to.

    When I get on, I'll figure 5% what I have and bid that all day long on the most active looking chart.
    Once I figure which one I want to attack, I'll swing between 1 Day, 1 Hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 and 1 minute. I'll lay a resistance and support for the day, and the hour. I'll switch to 15 minutes to see how close the chart is to the 1 hour, and place a few more for the 1 minute and back to the 5 minute chart. I'll see where the SRSI and MACD are and how close the Volume/Price is to the top or bottom line of the BB.

    If the day trend is up, and the one hour is up but not overbought or oversold, I'll plan on hitting 1 and 5 minute oversold, and I'll hit a 2-5 minute bid. The 2 usually bites my butt, but only because its within a .002 or -.002 pip difference. The five usually yields around a .010 or so in either direction, but its usually ITM.

    It might not be a forever strategy, but its has me feeling good about it right now.


    Is it against some kind of code or rule to have more than one forex account? Like not on the same broker, but one account on each broker, or is that some kind of conflict?
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    What broker do you trade? I read this thread very carefully. You mentioned US traders. If you're US trader you can use NADEX,recommended by the bots. It is also top rated broker.

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