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Thread: Change of Mind

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    Change of Mind !!!

    I have just had one of the worst experiences with a support member of FinRally, basically telling me to get off.

    2 weeks ago they offered me a success coach and I said great, fantastic I could use one.

    I got back on today, and after a week past the contact date with said coach, I got into contact with support.
    She basically told me that I wasn't good, and god knows that right now, I'm still floating because I can't find any help in bettering myself.
    "Maybe u need some better experience," she says.

    Oh heck no, in public chat at that.

    I have learned how to chart the market, and follow long trends and support and resistance, but I want professional help now, I can't find that on Youtube.

    But to be told I wasn't good enough for a platform that sells itself, "Believing in the success of our traders, new and experienced," to have one of their support talk to a trader like she does?
    I'm going to pull out once I double my initial and go somewhere else, that was just pure stupidity and I wont be a part of that.

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    U want to hire a coach or u looking for a free coach? What you want to learn?

    Maybe I can give you some advise.
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    I am litterally broke as all get out, if you could really help me out, we could work out a monthly percentage type deal, for the next however long(year or so), but only if its actual knowledge, I don't want to be paying for what I already know, or something that going to have me go bust in a few days. But as of right now, I couldn't afford anything, I'm looking for a success type coach that will help me better understand what I already know. I can plot resistance and support lines on a chart; bullish, bearish and ranging market patterns. I am however not so great at spotting fakeouts. Nor am I quick enough to spot trend reversals.

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    Hello and welcome to Communitraders. You're in the right place to learn more in trading.

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    Maybe you can look at my diary or the stuff that I shared before and see if there is something there that you can make use of. I've shared some of the most newbie and some of the most advance trading knowledge there but there is a "catch", it's only for very advance or pro. As you've said that you are good enough so I will challenge you to decode (I don't spoon feed so basically it's up to the readers if they can keep up), absorb, and put my techniques to to good use. But if you learn it fully, I assure you that you can trade Binary, FX, CFD, stocks, or whatever you like. It's a long and hard road and to give you a sneak peak, it's about advance naked trading, thousands of demo and live trading and a minimum of 10,000 charting hours

    Wishing you good trades
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronnel View Post
    """But if you learn it fully, I assure you that you can trade Binary, FX, CFD, stocks, or whatever you like""". It's a long and hard road and to give you a sneak peak, """and a minimum of 10,000 charting hours"""
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    Id suggest starting a diary in the Members War Room, let us all know what you are doing so far and then we can offer advice and tips to help you find better success.

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