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Thread: Hello World.

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    Hello World. !!!

    Hello All,

    You can call me Kuzii, I've been lurking around on this website for about a week. Trying to absorb as much as I can like a sponge before I dive in.

    My focus for this week is to study the definitions and criteria for different lines and markings that are drawn on candlestick charts in order to make trading predictions.

    I don't expect to even come close to mastering the craft this week, I plan to watch and read about a lot different techniques used in graphing out candle stick charts.

    The advanced techniques currently go way above my head, but I believe its mainly because I lack the foundation to grasp the concepts.

    I dream to trade Binary Options in Forex targeted around 5 - 20 min expiration. I currently have a demo account open with Nadex.

    It's on my to-do list to open other demo accounts with 1 or 2 other brokers, perhaps one that I can practice trading on while Nadex markets are closed ( as they are right now).

    It's good to meet you all, and I wish each of you success during your endeavors.

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    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    I see your great enthusiasm. If you keep learning more and more concepts will become clear and understandable. I also think it is good to have several demo accounts to become familiar with them and learn the mechanism of trading, to find your best time frames, trading instruments and executions. If you have any questions let us know
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    Hey Huzii, welcome to the group. I advise you to watch all the video's of our coach Okane here is the link of youtube channel

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    Welcome Kuzii, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
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    Hello Kuzii and welcome to the BOTS...

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    Hello Kuzil!

    Welcome to Communitraders!You can see Okane's video. You can also join Nadex trading group leading by Michael. He is pro trader and he used Nadex account also.

    Happy trading!

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    Hi Kuzii, welcome here!

    Take your time to go through our free school, to make a faster progress

    Good luck!

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    Welcome to the community kuzii
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    Hey hey welcome! This forum is a great place to start. We have a school and educational videos on our channel too. Enjoy!
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    welcome to this great forums

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