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    StockPair No paying !- SCAMMERS !!!

    Do not pay profitable traders

    I deposited 300USD and made 5501USD of profit, by making withdrawals they simply blocked my account and said it is under investigation. After 3 days they reported that there was fraud. Fraud? Fraud are you who only wait for losing traders to fill their pockets of money!

    Stockpair was once a great broker, nowadays it is a boteco, very reminiscent of HYIP that selectively pays small profits

    The recorded video is my undisputed proof of what I say


    Last email sent to me

    "Dear Raquel Pereira,

    Further to our previous email, we would like to inform you that the Company has completed its review of your trading activity and as a result of our investigations the Company has decided to close your account in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and in particular Section 24 - Termination and General Information.
    In accordance with Company Policy, we will not enter into further communication with you with regards to your matter and we will not share with you the contents of our investigation as this in itself could be misconstrued as aiding in the abuse of systems and services.

    Kindly note that, in accordance to the above, your recent trading activity will be reversed, should there be any remaining balance up to your deposited amount (s) this will be returned, unless your total withdrawals already exceed your initial deposited amount (s) .

    Yours sincerely

    Compliance Department

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    I have no problem with this broker.

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    Did you make lots of money?
    Then you will be asked to withdraw, without the right to deduct $ 1 of the profit you made by risking your money!
    Binary Options is even turning into a large network of HIYPS.

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    This is very serious complain. If true and I believe you are not lying than it means binary brokers, even so called "best ones" are not tolerating high profit clients. For me it is very low probability to make 5500$ starting from 300$ in short period of time, but not totally impossible. Your trading history looks genuine that's why I believe you.

    Did you tried to withdraw back to your card or with bank wire? Almost all brokers have rule to return to the deposit card only up to the initial amount and all profits above it can be withdrawn only by bank transfer, which sometimes is very costly if the transfer is international it can be up to 50$.

    The solution here in my opinion - trade slower and small with several brokers, make only small regular withdrawals from time to time that will go under the broker radar and also try selecting the most appropriate brokers which will accept your withdrawals even when you are massively profitable. However don't make the mistake to believe there is a binary options broker that love clients making a lot of money. They are their greatest enemy and they are trying everything legal or not to get rid of these clients. For forex brokers there are some options to deal with profitable clients. They have the so called Book A and Book B. Book A is for all losing or break-even clients - they don't hedge their positions. Book B is for profitable clients - they hedge all their positions on the intermarket and thus not profiting from them, except the tiny spread, but still they are protected and not lose when a trader win.

    On the other hand binary options brokers don't have A and B books simply because they can't. There is no interbank market yet for binary options. The only market for free exchange of binary options contracts is NADEX and that's why I am highly recommending you to give it a try. All other binary brokers simply lose from their pockets when somebody win. How much they will allow this to happen depends entirely on their own discretion like casinos who can decide to get rid of a player when they want.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    I had also no problem with this broker. But it may change. Please inform us about the result. Have they paid you your initial deposit?

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    I talked to my account manager. He said that stockpair will stop working affiliate program. It will back in the next three months. No technical issues to withdraw money.

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