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    It looks like DASH rejected massive support and started to produce higher highs. I'd expect it to continue growing towards our target, especially after Apple 0.53% Approved Dash for the App Store!
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    Thank you for the update. This coins are interesting but not as widely available for traders. Can I ask how did you trade them? Which are the best exchanges and valets? If these are just TradingView charts they are useless unless we have the access to the respective trading gateways. There are some BO brokers offering binary options on Bitcoin, but nothing else. If you have more information please share.

    Btw this thread looks more like a trading diary. That's why I will move it to the War Trading Room, where is its place Keep updating us!
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    Thank you. I find these very helpful.

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    I'm new in crypto currency area. So I'll make a contribution.


    Daily charts


    Daily charts


    Daily charts

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    Ethereum is the next big thing. the charts are setting up for a big move higher, at least a retest of the highs set earlier this year... oh, and it is to bitcoin what a smart phone is to the old rotary phone, just FYI.

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