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    CommuniTraders Demo problem !!!

    Hi, new member here

    After spending some days in the school section, yesterday I decided to try communitraders demo platform and I did some short term trades. Unfortunately, 17 hours after the expiry time my trades are still "open" and I can't see the outcome.

    I'd like to know if I did something wrong or it's just a normal delay in the platform.


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    Sorry about that, the platform is still in beta and sometimes has lags. Your trades were recorded properly in the database, the log in your profile will soon catch up. YOu can try to ctrl f5 to clear your cache and if that doesn't help check back in a day or so. I have some trades in my account that aren't showing correctly in my log either... they will soon though,

    Thanks for letting us know about your problem, we can't fix things if we don't know they're broken. Also, congrats on making it through the school and moving on to demo trading. keep at, I promise it will produce good results if you take it seriously.. . but don't forget to have fun with it, you can't force the market so it's better to go with the flow.

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    It will be fixed. I also have a few trades. Sometimes platform updates and trades will be recorded.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    My trades are still "open" five days after the expiry time, but I am not too concerned about loosing them. I hope the problem will be fixed soon.

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