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    Stay Away From olymp trade - Big Scam!!!!! !!!

    Dear Customer!

    We inform You that at this moment our company performs a check related to the strengthening of control over observance of rules on the part of traders

    In the course of check operations on Your account, we found a violation of paragraph 1.8.2 of the regulations on trading operations, namely:
    "use anonymisers and other software that ensures the Client’s anonymity and conceals the real IP addresses of the Client’s equipment". If this rule is broken the Company has the right to refuse further service (providing services), to terminate this Agreement and block the possibility of further operations without explanation.

    In this regard, we inform You that Your accounts are blocked and funds withheld (excluding the amount of the Deposit that You already withdrew earlier). The amount of deposit, net of payments already made, within 5 working days will be returned to your source of payments.
    Amount to be paid: 977 dollars.

    In case of establishment by the Company of the facts to open trading accounts with Your participation, the Company reserves the right to block all the identified accounts and all funds on these trading accounts.

    С уважением, Olymp Trade

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    Thanks for share this information.

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    Hey, thanks for sharing but what did you do with your IP address?
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    As I understand it - changed ip (why?), Violated the rules and someone is accused?

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    Quote Originally Posted by billi19591 View Post
    As I understand it - changed ip (why?), Violated the rules and someone is accused?

    You changed your ip address. I have no idea why you did it.

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    Это не я изменил. Я просто удивлён возмущениями автора поста. Он изменил ip, и возмущается действиями брокера.

    It's not me who has changed. I'm just surprised at the indignation of the author of the post. He changed ip, and is outraged by the actions of the broker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billi19591 View Post
    Это не я изменил. Я просто удивлён возмущениями автора поста. Он изменил ip, и возмущается действиями брокера.
    why do you keep posting in Russian?? this is a English only forums. Sorry but that's just how it is. Please translate, else i'll have to delete your next threads.
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    VPN service maybe ? I know brokers block accounts who use VPN and some people use VPN constantly to browse 'anonymously'.
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    Changing IP address can cause that you can't log. If you're resident country who can't allow to log it to your account you can change it using by HMA software.

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    With all do respect, but if the broker has some "rules", even ridiculous one, you agree to those upon your registration.

    For that I can only recommend reading TCs before engaging with the broker.

    If it doesn't suit your needs, don't trade with it.

    I've always been astonished by those breaking rules which are available on every page of broker's site and then going and shouting on every forum about their own mistakes.

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