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    The Geek's NADEX Account !!!

    New thread here. I've started entering all my weekly tips trades into my NADEX demo account, I'm going to use this thread to track results. First week's trades came out pretty well. Two were losers but one was closed early cutting potential losses by 2/3, one moved real fast when I wasn't looking, went deep OTM and is making max loss. I've decided to close them all early because the three with profits are just no worth risking. Two are deep in the money and would only make a little more if held to the end of the day, the other is close to break even, close enough, that I am not comfortable letting it sit. Don't forget, you don't make money till you sell.

    Oil profit =$252
    Euro profit =$420
    Gold profit =$360
    SPX loss = Max of $104.26 (only two contracts were filled at order, I cancelled the rest thank god)
    JPY loss = -$150 (bought at $45, sold at $30)

    Net profit/loss = $777.74 gross of commissions. I will keep a week to week running tally of net profit/losses too.
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    Well done Michael and thanks for sharing...

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    Nice trading. You did profit.

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    Great to see your trades executed on NADEX platform as well. It is visible here the rules for exiting the contracts are somewhat different and also the results will be different then your ordinary trades.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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