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    I tried to Nadex trading. My trades for this week. Just follow Michael's instruction. We'll see.

    Current open trade position Natex trading demo account
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    this is awesome. I traded a straddle on the SPX this week and it paid off in spades. I sold the long portion yesterday at a profit of $300, I sold the short portion today for $300. That's $600 on the same asset with a trade in each direction. my gold trade is hovering just ATM and showing a small profit. Oil and the two dollar trades are basically shot but maybe they bounce back, if not I'll close tomorrow morning to salvage some loot.

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    this week has been a bit crazy for the market. A rally, Trump BS, a sell off, volatility,up down the works. WEdnesday afternoon I though I was going to be closing 5 positions early at a LOSS! Thursday morning I thought the same but Thursday afternoon things began to turn around.

    there were 6 positions this week because I traded a straddle on the SPX. I closed the long portion Wednesday afternoon for profit of $300, I closed the short position Thursday afternoon for profit of $300. This morning I was able to close the gold trade for profit of $435 and the jpy trade for profit of $237.50. The oil trade is likely lost, the euro trade is still in the wind but also likely lost.

    Total profit for the week so far is $270 net of commissions and expected losses. This brings the running total to -$136.50 with commissions.

    Starting next week I am going to make a big decision, I am going to cut one of my assets out of the portfolio because my trades on the eur, jpy and gold are too closely correlated, its like making the same trade 3 times. When the correlation doesn't work I lose even worse. most likely I will cut one of the currencies... not sure which one just yet, probably the yen.

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