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    DasCoin !!!

    Hi folks, have question about DasCoin from netleaders. com, launched on 31 of march. Is anyone interesting in Cryptocurrencies? Just looking basic information. Thank you in advance...
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    I don't, I don't like them. I can't argue with the fact they are popular but I still don't understand how sovereign nations are letting them exists. They are used to do illegal things including RANSOMWARE, i'll never put my real money in crypto... but I might let someone pay me with it. Bitcoin is off the charts bullish right now...

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    I avoid it to trade crypto currency. Its hard to predict price movements. Sometimes charts analysis hasn't sense to read and watch the charts.

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    I am interested in cryptocurrencies. Last couple of months they exploded and so many ICO (Initial Coin Offering) are rising significant capitals. Despite all the hype I believe it is too premature and cryptocurrencies are still very shady business I believe they have bright future. Look at this news on Financial Magnates about AvaTrade adding more cryptos
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