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    Connection ping tests !!!

    Which one do you guys prefer using and which is the most accurate?

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    say what??
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreviscJ View Post
    Which one do you guys prefer using and which is the most accurate?
    Do you mean this

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    Yes, like speedtest. But I need some alternatives as it works kinda bad on my devices for some reason...

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    You only need good net speed to trade options.

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    It is an off-topic section, it does not necessarily has to be about binary options. I need it for other things

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    WElllllll, maybe you should elaborate and you could get more responses....

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    Ping time as far as I know is the time of response of a given site to your stimulus i.e. how fast an operation on the site can be performed from your side, but most of the time with trading platforms this ping time is few milliseconds, maybe 20-30 at maximum. On the other hand human reaction time is in order of 100-200 ms even more, this mean that it is 10-20 times slower to click your mouse in response to price move on the chart compared to your trading platform reaction time. Sometimes however the platforms may freeze and malfunction for various reasons and postpone your order up to 1 second or even more. This is totally inappropriate and if you see such thing on your platform better to stay away from them. Btw I don't use such tools and can't recommend
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