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    New way to monitor many pairs and place trades in 1 click !!!


    I have developed a simple program to help you monitor 6 to 8 screens in your MT4 and then be able to send a binary trade to your broker without having to switch screens all the time.

    You can set up your own pairs and trade values in about 2 minutes then your read to go. This is NOT an EA and does not need any API stuff to get connected, it basically sends trades straight to your binary broker screen (providing you opened it with IE).

    It very accurate, runs a final check before executing and can place a trade in 1 second which is ideal for those many trades where you see the opportunity then have to place it very quickly for example 1 sec before candle closes on 60 second trades. Good for when you want to stone a trade, the setup demo on the website shows how 10 trades can be placed in rapid succession.

    For those who like to do martingale trades and struggle to calculate your trade levels it will also do this for you too.

    Personally, I find it much easy to use when you can keep your broker screen minimised and focus just on your MT4 screen only, apart from that I find it very tedious having to keep moving from MT4 to broker screen and then having to navigate all around the broker screen to place a trade that can take you 4 or 5 seconds to finally execute your trade.

    As these are built specifically for each broker at present I only have 2 working for ETC Capital and 24 Options but I will soon have BOss Capital and fully operational too.

    If you want to learn more then take a look at my website at there are trial versions to download that will work with demo or real accounts.

    Appreciate any feedback either on this thread or leave them on my website.

    Many thanks


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    Did you record any video to see it how does it work?

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    We appreciate that you can share more details
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    how does it work?

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