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    LF: A scam free Binary Option !!!

    Can someone please recommend me a binary option that are scam free. And please do explain why. Since i dont want to get scam and all. Thankx

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    I don't think there is any broker that has your interest first. They want to make money, period!

    You could try reading the Ayrex thread, there's a lot of info on them on this forum.

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    Hey, check this page first Than go to each review, read the customer comments and find out. We have selected the brokers that are most genuine and scam free. Of course Ingmar is right that broker's interest most of the time do not align with your own interest, but this is the life. The solid brokers must keep their reputation in order to attract more new customers. That's why they don't allow any scammy practices at all. Otherwise we will spot them and expose, like we do with many other dishonest and suspicious brokers. We did a great job in finding and selecting the most reputable brokers, but it is your own responsibility to make your own due diligence and to find the broker that suits you best. If you do your job you will find that there are brokers that work just fine and you can collaborate with them without much problems. My recommendation here is to find a good broker from the list of high score once and than test it with a small deposit, check how withdrawal work, is the platform stable, what is the execution speed, do you find the expirations that you need and so on and only after that to deposit more and to start the real trading. Don't take bonuses and other incentives to trade high volume, this is a sure receipt for disaster! If you have any other questions let us know
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    My first account manager told me I'm lied when I tired to convince account manager that I didn't have more money to deposit. I had been reading they were successful. I was when they claimed they had a new opportunity.

    I tried two others using robots and I signed up for the services and they gave me a limited choice of brokers and both of those brokers have gone out of business one with $385 and other approximately $700.

    The last thing they told me we were not in any monkey business. I was so desperate.At that time I thought if any financial company handling the public's money had to regulated. I didn't know that companies can do that without being regulated.

    I was heard this story by the traded the last night. I want to share in the forum and make contribution to fight against scam. The main reason that trader become a victim isn't all needed information.

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    Re: solution to binary option scams !!!

    I believe if you have invested over 100KUSD or even less in binary option trading with regulated or unregulated brokers without being able to make a withdrawal all this while then its safe to have the feeling that you are being scammed. But then there is no reason to panic, I was in this situation few months ago until I watched a video on youtube. You can PM me on here and I can direct you to this life changing information.

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    NADEX, and some of the EU brokers, but NADEX for sure. Trading is hard, that is for sure, but there are no scams to worry about, just other traders and your own ability.

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    NADEX for sure. If it is US regulated than you can trade 1 million and know you are safe. If you don't have million dollar account most CySEC regulated brokers are scam free as well. Keep in mind however some of them may not feel comfortable to give you your profit if it is big enough. That's why we are here to allow every trader to share their experience with every particular broker and than we can make informed decisions. Keep in mind that there are always brokers that were good in the past and than some claims appeared and opposite some more controversial brokers become legit. That's why you should always check comments about your broker. Keep your funds in safe place (i.e. bank account) and trade with limited amounts in your broker account (best way is to have multiple accounts with several good brokers). This way there's no way you can be scammed.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    It can be used by the bots recommended brokers.

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    I think the most smart decision is first reading about experience of other clients with the particular broker.

    And then just make sure you 1. play by rules 2. don't get too much profit.

    It is always better to have several brokers and win a little bit from each of them

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