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    Important - War room posting !!!

    Hey all! Lately i've received some complaints about posting.

    First, sorry for the inconvenience!

    Second, in order to avoid similar issues with posting:

    a- Please avoid inserting links/images before text! add at least 1 line of text before inserting links/images/etc.

    b- Avoid special symbols! for example, notice this image that someone uploaded and had issues:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    c- Big images - use this website first -

    Cheers all!

    Martin and the Team
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    Thank you for this comprehensive explanation Martin!

    These are very important details that everyone should follow when posting images and pictures in your posts. It's best also if you adjust image size for best fit to the post. If you have any questions regarding posting images, ask us here and we will help.
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    Thanks Martin. Will take note

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    Thanks Martin. Lightshot software is useful tools. It can be used and post lmage link.

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    Thanks Martin...

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    Hi to all.. What should be the image size to be used?

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