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    My Second Account and Third Attempt to trade BO !!!

    Hi to all traders! my name is paul.. first trade BO on may of 2015 lost all my money. Traded again on june of the same year and ended up losing all money again due to no consistent strategy and greed.

    Why i decided to return in trading?

    well, i invest in stocks in my country.. and what i observed, i earn money with an average 15% more annually.. im not trading, i invest. and it got into my mind "what if i trade BO again but this time in a very safe way with a plan even at least 20% gain in my account a month.. and not to be greedy again hoping to gain 500% a month in my account the last two trading period. i hope it will go well this time..

    Kudos fellow traders..

    P.S. @okane i hope you read this. Can i ask what is the new group chat in the skype? i see that the old group chat is not active anymore.. my name in skype is jpbabasarriola "paultheant". i was not active for 8 months i think because of the nature of my work. Many Thanks.f
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    Hey Welcome on board! Thinking of trading the same way as investing is a great way to learn and build your track. If you are not aiming for day to day profits, but for long term gain on your invested capital you will be much more safe and relaxed when trading. 20% per month is still way too aggressive! There are people doing it, but if you aim for it, you have to be also comfortable losing 20% some of the months. If you want to trade with the same risk like your investment, you have to risk no more than 2% of the capital per trade and aim for something close to 10% per month.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Welcome to Communitraders!

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    ey man. Thanks for the advice.. yeah. i must agree with you. I should also practice that mentality in my trading. To make the best trade and let the profits follow. i really like that.. okay, and for that, i should change my trading plan now..

    "Experience is the best teacher, but experience of others is a best teacher too

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    Thanks milos, its nice to see your name again

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    Quote Originally Posted by JpBO3Attempt View Post
    Thanks milos, its nice to see your name again

    You welcome!

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    Hi Paul ! Kudos for not giving up ! See you in the skypegroup probably :-)

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    Hello Paul and good luck!!!

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    Hey mate. thanks. but i cant find the new skype group. i was on that group 8 months ago but when i checked lately, i see that people already left including okane. i hope i can join again..

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    Hello davy. Thanks. Goodluck to you also!

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