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    Resistance lines for Forex trading !!!

    What is the most precise way to draw support and resistance lines for Forex trading?

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    You get the best results when the trades are already finished and all candles have formed. Then draw a line back into the past and show everyone how spot on your signals were :-)

    Kidding aside. Your lines are constantly in motion (it's better sometimes to see them as areas or zones instead). You get the best results combining them with good old candle reading at the RIGHT side of the chart.

    Might not be the answer you wish but it's what i've considered to be the simple truth.

    good luck :-)

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    Previous history of course.
    But it's not just about drawing a line. When price moves in a certain direction, there are always several other S/R areas
    in its way. The important part is being able to identify where price is actually heading.
    I prefer to use higher timeframes for finding such "targets" = S/R areas that seem strong and price is likely to
    make an attempt on reaching there. We have lots of lots of videos I have personally made about
    charting in general, here is my price action playlist:

    Price Action Playlist - Anything from drawing trendlines to S/R lines

    PS. We ave an awesome article on Support and Resistance Drawing.
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