I get asked this question a lot, in one form or another. . . How do you choose the right time frame charts for weekly NADEX expiry, or what time frame chart should I use for 20 minute, or what is the right expiry if I'm using the 5 minute charts. Basically, my answer is this, there are two methods of choosing the right expiry/chart time frame with trading NADEX.

The first is to choose a certain expiry that you always trade, and then adjust your charts so that you have a proper view. It makes no sense to use 2 minute charts for end of week, same as it doesn't make any sense to use daily charts to trade 5 minutes. The easiest way I think, is to pull up the chart of your asset/expiry. This chart will include all the strikes available for the expiry, you can adjust your time frame until the strikes are clearly visible, not all smashed together or with some hidden. That should be the right, or right enough, time-frame for trading that expiry.

The second method would be to choose what time frame you want to trade, as in which time frame of chart you like to use best, and then use an expiry to match the signals you are getting. For example, if I'm using the daily charts for signals I may use end of day, mid-week or end of week, depending on the signal and the day of the week that it is. If I were to use say the one hour charts I might do end of the week or mid-week, but also shorter expiry such as end of day, or one of the intraday expiries. If I were to use the 5 or 10 minute charts I would definatly not use the end of week, maybe the end of day, but probably mostly the intraday expiries, and maybe the 20 minutes.