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    Oh dear me! Diary by Iwan van der Heiden !!!

    Almost one week has past since I joined this gang. Tuesday I started in Okane's class of the future millionaires! At least that's what we all hope for after all. Until now it is a painful and blistering adventure with many moments of pure agony and fear. "will my brains keep up with this"? Or "am I only dreaming and I can't wake up".
    Anyway finally I get to understand how to draw a line. In retrospective that I used to do when I was 4 years old in kindergarten. Pick up a ruler and draw a FFing line. But at least now I know where I can use that skill later in life at my 45th year! I hear my younger self saying to me "well done".
    Of course my head won't explode and in a few days of hard work and more agony I will get better at drawing straight lines on a chart!
    Most of you don't know me. Normally I drive a truck for a living, because of that I am used to work long days. Also it thought me to think about the world around me in general. I hope one day I will be as smooth in P.A. S&R etc as I am in driving my lorry. Maybe it is just the same in some way. Knowing when to use the signals, go left or right, slow down or step on the gas. Anyway in order to reach your destination you need to keep on driving and spend your time wisely.

    Iwan the Dragon

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    Haha, good start for a diary and funny title.

    You know what they say:
    Don't Lorry, Be Happy.
    OptionHeimer: I am become debt, destroyer of accounts!

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    good start, good spirit! :-)

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    Haha, Congratulation for starting your fresh new trading diary and well... maybe trading is not fully the same as driving a truck but there is something in common and it is the patience and following rules, both activities need a lot of them
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Good luck mate!
    Happy trading!

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    Iwan, good start. Keep going

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