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    Forex or Binary trading? !!!

    Been checking out both of these to see which might have the best potential. I understand there is risks in both of them and you would have to know what you are doing with each but is there one that maybe slightly less riskier than the other or have slightly better payoffs than the other? I have read in numerous places that people who work at Forex seem to prefer it and end up with a better profit overall and don't go near Binary trading.

    What is the general take on it from the pro traders here?

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    Binary options is profitable.

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    There are many different ways of expressing trading ideas - spot forex and binary options are only two of them. There are CFDs, vanila options, futures, spread betting and many many more. Thus it is not possible to say which is more profitable and which is less. There are traders specialized in each of these trading instruments. The most important thing is the assets you want to trade either currencies, stocks, indexes, commodities etc.

    Of course we are binary options trading community and most of us here trade preferably binaries, some of us trade also other instruments.The better question is what is easier to learn and here I can fairly say Binary options trading is easier to start and to understand than all other trading instruments
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    You cannot have both worlds. There pros and cons to it. As Kolyo mentioned ii is not possible to say which is more profitable. Binary Options is easier to learn and master and there are a lot of knowledge to learn forex. Once you can catch your expiry with the right strategy you will be successful in your trading. For forex there is no expiry and you can just hold but you must have proper risk control if not you can burnt your whole account.

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    Everyone should choose for themselves. I personally like to trade both on forex and on options and I try to combine these ways of trading.

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