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    Which strategy should i start with for demo trading and later live ? !!!

    Hey there. I'v been using the Simple balanced system for my demo trading. Pretty good results so far, 4/5 ITM, just started. For now, i'm only trading on 15 min charts, usually 30 min to 1h expiry. I intend to only stick to one forex pair for now, just to get a good grip on things and not overwhelm myself. I trade eur/usd, if that matters.

    Is there a better strategy for me to learn as a beginner ? I don't wonna waste countless hours finding what suits me best, i just wonna start with something that i know has been tested and works good in the long term. My goal for now, is to basically demo trade for about a month or two and if i'm successfull, go live.
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    that is a good one to start with. Best to stick with it, learn all you can about using the different indicators and then you can start experimenting with other indicators alongside the SBS to see what kind of insight they may give you.
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    Hey there!

    It's good to start with a strategy just to get your feet wet.
    Soon you will realize you need a whole lot more than just a simple strategy. Like, how to calculate expiries in different
    market situations, how to get better entries instead of waiting for the indicators and getting in too late etc.

    BUT, here is something for you to check out:
    Mike M's diary:
    Why? He started with the Simple Balanced System too, and when he started to have issues
    both Michael and I tried to guide him more towards the price action techniques so go through is diary
    and learn some new stuff
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    Rookie Member madDog's Avatar
    Did you have a particular indicator in mind to go alongside this strategy ?

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    Rookie Member madDog's Avatar
    Tnx Okane, will check out his diary, to see what's what

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    Quote Originally Posted by madDog View Post
    Did you have a particular indicator in mind to go alongside this strategy ?
    The strategy already consists of several indicators, don't overdo it.
    Anyway, just check out Mike's diary and you will see what I mean.

    I use price action, I shared today's trades in our Group diary:
    OptionHeimer: I am become debt, destroyer of accounts!

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    Hello MadDog!

    Here is link below

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    Quote Originally Posted by milos View Post
    Hello MadDog!

    Here is link below

    Tnx Miloš, will check out the tool, to see how i do with it.

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