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    Hello World of binary option ! !!!

    Hi all I am JB from Morocco! I am new there, it's my first post even if I have already read a huge part of the school! You re making really a great job there!

    I already have a question for you! Before knowing this site I registered on IQ option, but with all the posts I read etc I feel less confident with this broker : Can't have daily chart (doesn't t work on my computer dunno why) And the expiry are all very short, even if I already like Scalp strategies during range period.

    What can you advise me to install and which broker do you think is the best? I am using a mac I dunno if it changes the point...

    Thanks for all your work, I am really happy to finally find a serious site !


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    Hey welcome.

    Well, you have a mac so installing MT4 is a pain.
    Go to and use their chart station. You can save charts and use technical tools
    and indicators there as well and save templates.
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    Welcome to CommuniTraders man! Great to have you on board of the best binary options trading community There are free ways to use charts on Mac as well. Unfortunately it won't be very easy to use metatrader 4, but there are other options available. I like very much TradingView, an online based charting site and platform. Selecting the best broker depends very much on your personal preferences, do you want to trade weekly and monthly options or you will stick to intra-day short term contracts which btw are much more popular but more difficult at least at the begging. You can check the approved brokers here and read carefully their reviews. Of course there are some other serious brokers as well but you need to be very careful first to ensure they are not scamming clients and second if possible to see they are really regulated. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in the forum!
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    Yeah I tried MT4 it sucks on Mac. I will follow your advice. I am newbie I take time to understand the binary world before trying with my money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gl3nfiddich View Post
    Yeah I tried MT4 it sucks on Mac. I will follow your advice. I am newbie I take time to understand the binary world before trying with my money
    Hi. I'm a complete newbie here as well and I have only had my mac for about a month after always using windows.
    One of the other experienced members here put me onto the broker called XM. Their platform is the same as metatrader and I dont have any issues with it on my mac.

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    Hi JB, welcome to BOTS.

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    Welcome to Communitraders!

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    Hello! I am new here too. Hope we will make frieds

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    JB or Glenfiddich?? I'll take the later (: Welcome aboard!
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    Thanks for all your warm welcomes! JB is shorter i Guess but Glenfiddich is a cool whisky, so I like both^^.

    I have an issue with my mac. Java automaticaly updated and its security level is higher, when I go on netdania for the chartstation they send me a security error message event if I added netdania on the security list. I can't find the other platform I have to write for passing the security check. It's really annoying.

    Have you another tool maybe for analyzing chart? I'll try to fix this problem but I am not a computer master XD

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