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    John888 Skill Development Trading Diary !!!

    O.K guys, I've been a member of CommuniTraders for about 6 months and its taken a while to get my diary setup, but its finally here. http://forums.binaryoptionsthatsuck....lies/t9204.gif.

    I am still trying out different expiry times, but the best for me at present seems to be 30 minutes.

    Im working on using trading trends but also using macd on 3 time frames for trade execution. 30min, 15min then trading from the 1 minute chart for 30 minutes, (it seems to work quite well.)

    I have decided to trade only 2 currency pairs GBP/JPY and EUR/USD. Just so that Im not waiting too long for some action and im not confusing myself with too many charts to be checking.

    I'm having to go to a library to use the internet at the moment so this is why I tend to rush or force some trade on the Communitraders demo platform.

    No trades of any use today but I will be posting as soon as I do. Thanks Guys.

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    Hey! Welcome to the diary room.

    Today was not the best market so might have been a good idea to not trade.
    Sucks that you need to go to the library to use the internet. Keep us posted!
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    Hello John!

    Its nice to share your trades in the forum.

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    Welcome aboard! glad to have you with us, sorry you have to rely on the library computer but that just sets a goal for you, to get your own machine. Your trading plan sounds pretty good so far, stick with it and let us know how we can help.

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    O.k so ive come into the library today just after 13:00 and found that the demo platform has a problem with trades that I have 3 trades that are trapped since yesterday, I went into the Platform forum to see if I could fix this error, and followed the instructions for clearing my cookies history cache and hosted app data, this didnt work but i was eager to trade while i have time so i went onto my to scout for opportunities, I spotted a late up move on GBP/JPY and decided to go for it because the rally looked to be very steady and 30 minutes seemed ample for a winning trade, also I was hoping this trade would clear the blockage holding my trapped trades from yesterday.

    Click image for larger version.

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    Im noticing that I'm having some difficulty in staying clam and following the steps to post the correct clear information to the diary, Last night I was reading (Reading Price Charts bar by bar by Al brooks, it was difficult to take in but I did have a revelation this morning. The more I trade the more I will notice candle stick patterns and develop how to respond to different situations when drawing trend lines.
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    I decided not to continue trading or looking at the platform today and just go through some of the diaries to see how its best to complete.

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    Hello so im back in the library and noticed the issue with the platform has not been resolved yet so i decided to do a quick trade, on the 1 minute time price bounced off a resistance level shown to be quite strong on the 30 minute time frame, stochistics was over brought on 1 minute time frame and 1 day, 4 hr, 1hr, 30min and 15 min macd all show there is still strength in the down move.Click image for larger version.

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    2nd trade again on GBP/JPY.Click image for larger version.

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    Looks like an new uptrend so i created the channel and entered the trade at the support line, stochastics was over brought also, only went for 10 minutes.
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    You use 10 minutes time frame expiry.

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    on this occasion yes, as i looked at the previous rally and it worked out at about 10 mins to the trend line.

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