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    my introduction... HI ! !!!

    Hello traders !

    My name is Ingmar. I have been lurking on this forum before but it moved to the background a bit when i started trading with 24option where an account manager promised me to teach me trading and make thousends of euro's a day :-) (boy was i gullable)

    I actually opened a demo account with 24option last year and traded 'intuitively' on that for a while. (with other words, i didn't know what i was doing) I was then contacted by an account manager who told me he would teach me how to trade if i topped up my account with 5000 euro. I did exactly that and he gave me a strategy based on martingale plus trading reversals outside the BB while RSI indicated oversold. This obviously didn't really work well for me even though i made some money with it.

    I was then appointed another account manager who told me to top up my account (again) to 10k and then he would teach me the trading business.(they told me they only did this to bigger clients with more cash on their account because it was not worth their time to teach the 'smaller' traders)

    Basically i was invited to trade with them during events (mostly when oil numbers where shared) but my trades never got registered or seconds to late on their platform, so i lost almost all of those trades when they won them consistently. (they told me that my trades were delayed or cancelled because they had a que where the bigger accounts had priority when placing trades. At least, this is what they told me and i got more and more 'suspicious' as i didn't think that was a fair policy towards their clients. Anyways, i didn't mind THAT much at the time because they told me those trades were 'risk free' and the lost trades were compensated (in the form of bonuses i found out later but they said i would earn those bonusses easilly within a few weeks trading with their help).

    One day i was trading solo and had two of the same charts open at the same time. When i entered my 60sec trade i saw a 7 pip spike in the price while this didn't happen on the other chart i had open. I asked my account managers about this a few tims on skype and email but they never answered me and basically ignored the situation. Two weeks later my account was blocked because i live in France according to them (i found out later that French customers were not allowed to trade with them or they would be fined by French authorities, but they never mentioned that to me only after i deposited a total of 10k euro). It took a few months to get my money back from them minus 3000 euro's i had lost on the 'risk free' trades (since they were compensated as bonusses i never got that money back because i couldn't trade the volumes i needed to trade to make the bonus mine again because they blocked my account.)

    To make a long story short(er), two months ago i opened an account with IQoption and started trading again. After a few losses due to martingale i decided to stop BSing around with what the AM's of 24option tought me and started educating myself. Now i trade with candlesticks and S/R (stoch and/or RSI for backup)only and i love it. Slowly i am trying to rebuild my account to the amount i started with last year. My goal is to be able to trade on priceaction only with S/R.

    so hi everyone ! :-)

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    Hey good to have you! I know we spoke on Skype too. Welcome
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    Thank you Okane, i hope to learn a lot!

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    Hello Ingmar and welcome to the forum.
    Unfortanately I know very good that scenario about account managers,I had similar conversation with Dona Morgan from
    Boss Capital few years ago,she forced me to make 10000 eu.deposit.Of course it wasn't happen.
    BTW you in good and safe territory now.Good luck!
    Work hard in silence,let your success be your noise...

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    thank you DaVychi.

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    You are welcome Ingmar and what I'm learned,I,'m learned there in this forum.Super people there!!!

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    Welcome to Communitraders!

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    Welcome aboard mate
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    Welcome aboard! glad to have you with us. Great intro, be sure to keep us posted on new developments.

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    Welcome to CommuniTraders Ingmar! I see you are not out of trading after this disturbing experience I hope you will move much more cautiously and carefully next time you start trading. Once again your experience is showing it is never wise decision to rely on bonuses or other shady schemes and always ask the broker are they dealing with customers in France/EU before starting to trade with them, otherwise they can always decide to block your account. And most of all Never Ever trade based on brokers recommendations because they are always 100% in conflict of interests with you and will make everything to: 1) make you deposit more money and 2) "help you" to lose your deposit by "accident". That's why trade on your own and rely only on traders who are not in close relation with your broker!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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