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    Overwhelmed. Oh hi. !!!

    I'm still at that beginners stage where I'm pretty overwhelmed with the amount of information to digest. I guess that's better than not having been impressed by any information at all and in turn blown my whole account.

    I probably would have given up a while ago where it not from bumping into a random person on the internet who has an insanely effective strategy using hidden divergence (among other things). However, there are still too many small bits and pieces I need to grasp before I can replicate that.

    I have a tennis partner who beats me 90% of the time because he has an awesome slice that I can't return. I'm looking for the trading equivalent of that strategy. I only need to know how to do one thing well.

    On a brighter note, I'd love to hear from newbies who have achieved some consistency.

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    Hey welcome!
    Then you know you have to work hard to gain consistency. But you came to the right place,
    here check out the Members War Room - we have helped many beginners gain enough skills to make money trading!
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    Yep, one thing at a time is best! Learning to specialize in one market, one time frame and one setup can give you great advantage over other traders The community is very supportive and can help you a lot!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Here i am ! i still call myself a newbie cuz as you may know, masterise this profession requires lot of time, practice and discipline.

    What i can say from empiric experience is that many newbies stop trading before they even start getting slightly better, this is a trial and error test that boils your blood and sometimes will make you angry, anxious with fear and above all eventually you find yourself distorting reality of the market after few hours trading or after just few losing trades. hence i recommend you to work hard on your mindset, im reading a book atm which states that trading is 80% psychology, 20% charting skills.

    So after you develope that trading physiology, now is time to focus on that slice, and practice everyday your charting skills, PA = price action is the way to go, it will teach you how to trade any asset you want. dont rely much on systems or strategies, learn how they work and understand them but dont blindly rely on them, market is very unpredictable so imagine if 3-4 indies can make you money where the world 's gonna end up ? :P... 90% of the trader lose money cuz of that, they enter in this world thinking that theres a way to beat the market with indies or strategies so after the 1rst month they just give up losing some bucks and trading carrer ended really soon.

    Go, to the war room, start your own diary, share your trades, interact with newbies pros ( they will always give u nice feedback ) after you posted your trades and what made u take it...

    gl i hope all this helps.

    After few months trading live i have come up with the conclusion that is true, the sooner you rip off your feelings about losing and winings and start seeing your balance just as % and not as $ the sooner u will get there.
    "He who makes a BEAST of himself, gets rid the pain of being a MAN" S.J

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    Poe is so right. Newbies, get yourself a mentor. Join the Members' War Room or Skype team. Working and trading with other more experienced traders will help you much much more than trying to learn everything just alone. A good teacher is worth of gold, and will shorten your (long, I can tell you) road to consistently profitable trading.

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    Hello and welcome to Communitraders!

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    Welcome aboard!

    glad you found us, you are having forest for the trees syndrome. as in, it's hard to see the forest because of all the dam trees. There is a lot to digest, it can be done but it takes time. STart small, dig deep, ask questions and have a good time.

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    Hi! I am sure you'll find all the right people to help you here. All you need to do is figure your strategy - one that reflects your routine and your personal advantages. Like in tennis. Good luck!

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