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    Using small stakes !!!


    Just looking at Binary trading with Ayrex, on a very small scale to see how it works after trying the demo, and was wondering is it worth playing with minimum stakes or do you need larger stakes. I expect there is a lot of research and learning required and will read the lessons too.

    Not expecting to up much, but then didn't what to be down too much.


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    Hey there!
    Wether it is worth your time or not is up to you and your economy right?

    I mean, for me, I would say taking trades below 100$ is not worth my time so I need an account with enough balance that
    gives me a good leverage in relation to my 100 and above investments. For someone else in another country for example,
    making 5 dollars a day is huge and for another person making 100 a day is a must to survive so how can I know if it is worth playing with "small" sums for you?

    However! You should always start with very very small sums to test out the broker and your own skills. Of course, no one should jump in with 1000 dollar trades... that is obvious.
    Even better, start with demo, then start with real trading. But do you know how to read charts yet? Do you have money management? Do you have a plan? I hope this helps
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