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    Quote Originally Posted by LondonGeezer View Post
    Hi Milos

    Thanks - I won't be persuing any robots/software.
    Would you say the strategy I have chosen is a risky one to continue longterm?

    Where can i learn about more longterm trades? Ones where you can look for correlation and make predictions.

    Please avoid 60seconds trading strategy. Its like a gambling.

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    I did the same as you, started off doing 1 minute trades and won abit then blew my account,,,in fact ive blown 3 accounts and decided no more, I came here on communitraders and saw the light, listen to the senior guys on here they know what they are talking about and are great bunch.

    P.S this is not one of those scam adverts promoting this page,,,

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    I use 5-15tf expiry shorterm.

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