Hi I would like to introduce myself blytheglobalnet newbie I will be putting together the particulars of this plan for now it is a rough draft.
1 Set a goal to learn and consistently make either 300.00 a day
I want to ask a question about strategies that I can implement to earn 300.00 a day.
First is it possible to realistically through selective, consistent managed with the right tools earn 300.00 a day?
Here is just a part of how I plan to reach this goal. First through selected brokers, place 250.00 dollars into an account.
Then keep my base profit of 150.00 with the 100.00 conservatively spread 10 selected trades at 10.00 per trade, but my Goal for that day would be to make 300.00 and stop at my goal. The 150.00 Is my base and that is to never be spent, but add money once i get a profit. This is just an overview plan is it possible?
Please respond