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    afternoon trades...

    explanation written on charts:

    Below a trade i lost. On my chart it was an ATM, but my broker entered me higher then the candle open and closed the trade lower than the candle close. The risk of short term trades!
    Have a look.

    Ok, next one :-)

    i'll call it quits here for this diary :-)

    untill tomorrow! o/

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    Last trade of the day i sneaked in. a call with 1H expiry on USDJPY


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    I use call option on GBP/JPY 15 time frame expiry. I was explained entry points in skype group.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Today we were watching several pairs in the skypegroup. One of them being EURUS which broke it's uptrend and was about to break from it's downward channel.

    I entered a trade when it broke the channel. See below.

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    Today I shared this trade which I believed was going to be a strong signal for a put option.

    It was for EUR AUD and it indeed turned out to be a strong one! We took it together with the students who were online
    at the time. Recommended expiry was one hour.

    We all ended ITM. Personally, I took three expiries, 15min, 30min and 60min and all ended ITM with more than 17 PIPS leverage.
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    I decided to trade EUR/GBP 5 minutes time frame expiry.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great day to trade short term today! I myslef made 30 trades with 3 OTM!

    Don't worry, i wont post them all. Here's one in particular i made together with Okane, I'm using a short expiry, Okane a somewhat longer one if i remember correctly. Okane, pro like he is, even bought a put option towards his target before taking a long position. Our entries for our calls differed a little as well. Two profitable ways to exploit a similar target setup :-)

    First, here's what Okane signalled in the skype channel:

    Here's where he showed his put entry towards his target. Notice the arrow showing the EMA joining his target.

    He's basically showing the group a signal on a gold platter lol.

    This is how i took the trade. I was a bit hesitant to take the call on that high volume candle (that, i bet, kissed Okane's target :-) )because of the trendline i had close above it and i was waiting for the bears to get exhausted. You can see i stepped in right with the bulls high volume candle.

    it was ITM

    This was Okane's call.

    He entered before me and exited later :-)

    I really liked it. Two different trades based on similar analisys.

    See you in the skypegroup! o7

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